Founder’s Profile

My name is Clement Boateng, founder of ClemBoat Consult. My professional and educational backgrounds have equipped me with expertise in international development project management, especially in monitoring and evaluation, corporate social responsibility, sustainability as well as leading and organizing firms. I also have expertise in organizing and leading family owned businesses (FOBs) to ensure their viability and sustainability.
I have 8 years working experience in management of agricultural development projects, having worked on two agricultural development projects under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana. These Projects were funded by African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Government of Ghana. This has increased my passion and zeal in working with international development projects that seeks to enhance food security, reduce poverty, improve education and health.
I have a master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainability from Malmo University, Sweden. I also studied Development Planning and Management (MSc.) from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from University of Cape Coast, Ghana. These have emboldened my knowledge and expertise in project management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. It has made me know the possibility of doing sustainable business without harming the environment or society as well as the business’s economic performance.
I have also gained skills and expertise in working in multicultural and multi-stakeholder groups and organizations, as a result of my professional experience and educational background.

Clement Boateng

Team Member

Also in the team we have Andreas Sjöstedt who focus specifically on Social Entrepreneurs. Andreas helps with the knit-and-grit of getting started as a social entrepreneur. From formulating a sustainable business plan, to project management, to fast-track web-design, to make sure you get the message out as fast as possible to your targeted audience. Andreas has a Masters in Leadership for Sustainability and have worked for clients such as IBM, Google, Tele2, The Raol Wallenberg Institute, and others.

Andreas Sjöstedt