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Helping you shape your effort! Helping you improve and grow! Helping you measure your growth and impact! Provides Consultancy Services for Development Partners; Businesses and Entrepreneurs; Family Owned Businesses; as well as Prospective and Current Graduates and Undergraduates.

About Us

ClemBoat Consult ensures that your organization realizes its goals without compromising either the environment and society, or your organization’s economic performance. To funding or donor agencies, governments, government agencies, NGOs, businesses and entrepreneurs, we work with your organization to assist you to set your goals and indicators and measure the gains you are making appropriately. We also assist in forging sister city/district alliances for development and other related purposes.

Additionally, we provide expert advice to entrepreneurs and business entities in unlocking their potential in doing responsible and sustainable business by implementing suitable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. We have strong interest in working to ensure organizational sustainability, reduced carbon foot-print, food security and poverty reduction.

As a part of our support for entrepreneurs we offer help to entrepreneurs to quickly launch their website as we know this is a common, but easily fixed, road-block for new ventures.

We also offer consulting services in academic writing, with regards to academic essays and thesis writing. We provide consulting services for 'study abroad', in order to get you enrollment and/or scholarship to pursue further studies at any level in universities around the globe.


Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Are you doing sustainable business? What do you think when you hear ‘CSR’? Do you think philanthropy equates CSR? What level of CSR is your firm at? Do you know adopting a good CSR strategy can increase the economic returns of your corporate entity without ‘harming’ the environment and society? Do you want to reduce your business’s carbon foot-print? We provide consulting that help you to positively ‘answer’ these and many more other CSR-related questions. We provide services that will help you to come out with a good CSR strategy, in your quest to do sustainable business in today’s fast-changing world.

Website Services

We provide help to modify your existing website, or create one from scratch. The servers we use are run on 100% renewable energy. We also offer periodic maintenance of your website, where you submit text and content that we then adjust and upload for your website. You focus on writing, and we focus on making sure your website is up to date. We can also help you with social network advertisement.

Development Project Planning & Management

With our experience and expertise in developing and managing development projects (e.g. Inland Valleys Rice Development Project, Ghana), we provide consultancy services to donor agencies, governments and government agencies, corporate bodies, NGOs and Foundations that mainly work to increase food security, reduce poverty, improve education and health in developing countries.

Sustainable Family Owned Businesses (FOBs)

From their sheer numbers, through providing employment to a lot of people, to their contribution to a major part of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of several countries around the globe, Family Owned Businesses (FOBs) are very important in our everyday lives. But often times most of these FOBs are not able to stand the test of time. Most FOBs don’t survive into the second and subsequent generations. However, others have been able to survive, and they keep surviving generations after generations. Do you want your FOB to be part of those surviving? Do you seek to transfer a viable and sustainable FOB to your descendants? 'That is why we are here. Through research and studies we have gained knowledge and expertise in how to organize and lead FOBs to make them viable and sustainable, generation after generations.

Academic Work Consulting

We offer consulting services in academic writing. There is an opportunity for you whereby we either travel with you through your academic essay or thesis writing from start to finish, or support you at the stage(s) of the thesis journey where you need our services. This is what we term ‘Thesis Writing Coaching/Consulting’. The door is also opened for you in case you need our ‘Proofreading of Academic Essays and Thesis’ service.

Study Abroad

Are you facing difficulties in applying for, or processing your application for admission and scholarship to study abroad? Talk to ClemBoat Consult. We offer services that get you enrollment and scholarship to pursue further studies at any level in universities around the globe, by: Handling all the application processes in your stead; Offering guidance and development of your documentation – CV, Motivation Letter, Cover Letter, etc.; Advising on authentication of documents; All other attendant issues with regard to studying abroad.

ClemBoat was founded by Clement Boateng. You can read his profile, and other members of the team here.


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