What We Do

Under this set of services, Clemboat Consult provides consultation for donor agencies, governments and government agencies, NGOs, businesses as well as entrepreneurs. These services are grouped into three categories:

  • Development Project Planning & Management
  • Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Family Owned Businesses and Sustainability.


Development Project Planning

We provide consultancy services to donor agencies, governments and government agencies, corporate bodies, NGOs and Foundations for planning and developing demand-driven development projects that mainly work to increase food security, reduce poverty, improve education and health in developing countries. This service covers appraisal to launching of the project for implementation

Development Project Management

With our experience and expertise in developing and managing development projects (e.g. Inland Valleys Rice Development Project, Ghana), we provide consultancy services to donor agencies, governments and government agencies, corporate bodies, NGOs and Foundations that mainly work to increase food security, reduce poverty, improve education and health in developing countries. These services include:

Developing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework

It is pertinent to have a good M&E framework by which the project data can be captured and reported on appropriately. This helps to know how the project is performing and, thus helps in making informed decision about the project. We provide services that develop the M&E framework needed to collect data periodically and progressively (monthly, quarterly, yearly, cumulatively), for your project. The M&E Framework that we develop comes with embedded formulae for auto-summations and all other calculations needed.

Developing Project Work Plans and Budgets (Annual & Composite):

International development projects run by work plans and budgets. These are developed for each year (annual work plans and budgets) and as an aggregate (Composite Work Plan and Budget). We provide services in developing these annual work plans and budgets as well as the composite work plan and budget.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of ID Projects

We provide M&E services that give you independent assessment of your project. It is independent of what your project’s M&E team does. This independent M&E service can be used as a sole means of monitoring and evaluating your project or to complement your M&E team.

Writing ID Project Reports (Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports)

We have extensive experience in writing project reports. As project managers, in most cases the workload is so much that it becomes difficult to write reports. Unforeseen circumstances may derail your efforts to meet deadlines in submitting reports to sector ministries or departments and the funding agencies. You may have monitored and collected data, but having time to write report(s) on the data becomes elusive. We write your report(s) for you, when you have the data or information but you are not able to make time to write the report due to the demands of the project. However, in the absence of readily available data or information, we collect the data or information and write the report for you.

Mid-Term Review of Projects

We provide services for mid-term review of your ongoing projects. By reviewing your project, we give recommendations that will help you to re-align your indicators and resources, where necessary, in your quest to achieve your project goal and objectives.

Revision of Project’s List of Goods and Services (LOGS)

International development projects are distinct from traditional projects. As such its management is also unique from traditional projects. There are instances that you need to revise the lists of goods and services (LOGS) stated in the project appraisal document to ensure successful implementation of the project. We provide services that revise your projects LOGS to ensure judicious use of the resources allocated to the project, while not compromising on achieving the overall goal of the project.

Project Completion Survey and Reporting

We provide services that collect data on your completed or near-complete project, analyse it and report on it appropriately. This include, but not limited to, which type of data to be collected, the survey instrument to be used in order to get the right responses, the stakeholders to be involved in the survey, among others. A good project completion report gives a good account of the project, and opens an avenue for possible extension and or expansion of the project. Contact us for comprehensive and quality project completion reporting.


SustainabilityCorporate & Social Responsibility (CSR)

Are you doing sustainable business? What do you think when you hear ‘CSR’? Do you think philanthropy equates CSR? What level of CSR is your firm at? Do you know adopting a good CSR strategy can increase the economic returns of your corporate entity without ‘harming’ the environment and society? Do you want to reduce your business’s carbon foot-print? We provide consulting that help you to positively ‘answer’ these and many more other CSR-related questions. We provide services that will help you to come out with a good CSR strategy/plan, in your quest to do sustainable business in today’s fast-changing world. The consultations we provide in terms of CSR, among others, include:

SWOT Analysis of Business, regards to CSR.

We conduct SWOT analysis of your business with regards to CSR. This will help you to know your business’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of CSR as well as the opportunities that you can harness to improve on your CSR level. Threats that are there concerning your firm’s CSR approach will also be made known to you.

Examining Business’ existing CSR policies or strategies

We screen your business CSR plan or policies to help you know what level your firm is in terms of CSR. We then give recommendations on sustainable CSR for your business. This can be incorporated in the business policies and strategies or your CSR plan.

Proposal on CSR Strategies/Plan

We provide the service of developing your CSR strategies into a composite CSR plan. We will help your business to come out with good strategies that can be developed into a medium to long term CSR plan. Additionally, we provide consulting services that helps you to cut down on your firm’s CO2 emissions. This helps to reduce your firm’s carbon footprint on the earth.

CSR Reporting

Do you have problem in saying what your business has done in terms of CSR? Are you sure your business is telling its entire CSR story? That is why we are here to assist you in telling your CSR story as it is. We will help you in aligning your business CSR to appropriate CSR models and standards and tell your CSR story as it should be told.

Sustainable Family Owned Businesses (FOBs)

From their sheer numbers, through providing employment to a lot of people, to their contribution to a major part of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of several countries around the globe, Family Owned Businesses (FOBs) are very important in our everyday lives. But often times most of these FOBs are not able to stand the test of time. Most FOBs don’t survive into the second and subsequent generations. However, others have been able to survive, and they keep surviving generations after generations. Do you want your FOB to be part of those surviving? Do you seek to transfer a viable and sustainable FOB to your descendants? That is why we are here. Through research and studies we have gained knowledge and expertise in how to organize and lead FOBs to make them viable and sustainable, generation after generations. We provide services that include:

SWOT Analysis of Family Owned Businesses

With this, we help you to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business. This will help you to focus your energy and resources on aspects of your business that will be more beneficial to the business. It helps you to also take advantage of opportunities that exist on your blind side, and also make you aware of what threats you should be mindful of. This include, among other things, creating awareness about your FOB’s competitors and counterparts/complementers.

Organizing and leading Family Owned Businesses to ensure sustainability

We provide services that help you to organize your business and lead it successfully. We advise you on the number of core employers you will need (it can be only you), the organizational structure you should adopt for your business, which administrative services you can outsource, among others.

Generational Transfer of Sustainable and Viable Family Owned Business

Wondering why some families have been able to transfer their businesses successfully to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, up to 6th (or even more) generations? We are here to help you also attain that feat. We have expertise and knowledge to put you on that path. We offer services on how to manage your business’ transition successfully from one generation of your family to the other.

Website Services

We offer the following services for individuals or organizations:

  • Design/development of websites. With this service, we build your personal or organization’s website from scratch. We will host the website on environmental friendly servers, run on 100% renewable energy.
  • Modification of websites. In case you have an existing website, we can help you to review and modify it to suit your preference, as well as portray your services as it should be.
  • Management of websites – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Under this, we take responsibility for the periodic maintenance of your website. You can submit text and content that you wish be displayed on the website, and we modify to suit an online format, as well as compliment it as needed.
  • Management of your organization’s social media account. We also offer services that seek to the day-to-day management of your organization’s social media account. We also help in promoting same.