What we Do

Under this set of services, we offer consultancy in academic writing. There is an opportunity for you whereby we either travel with you through your academic essay or thesis writing from start to finish, or support you at the stage(s) of the thesis journey where you need our services. This is what we term ‘Thesis Writing Coaching/Consulting’. The door is also open for you in case you need our ‘Proofreading of Academic Essays and Thesis’ service. Below are further explanations of the services we offer.

Thesis Writing Coaching/Consulting

Are you having problems in putting your ideas together to start your thesis or academic essay? Are you finding it difficult with structuring your thesis? Do you need help in sequencing the stages as well as placing what needs to be placed where in your academic research/ essay or thesis? We offer coaching and consulting in academic essay and thesis writing. The services we offer can be procured as stage-wise or as a full package. These are explained as follows:

Stage-wise Services

With the stage-wise service, you can opt for any of the following, according to your needs and preferences:

  • Academic Essay/Thesis Structure: This service is a 2 hour session by which you are taken through the possible structures of an academic essay/thesis. It talks about how to structure your thesis or essay in conformity with academic writing.
  • Introductory Section: This service is a 3 hour session. It provides detailed explanation of the various headings and sub-headings in the introductory part of your research. It covers the ‘Introduction/Background of your research study’, through ‘Problem Discussion/ Research Problem’ to the ‘Research Question(s)’.
  • Mid-Section: The mid-section service talks about how you will conduct your research and report on same. It helps you in deciding the approach that will be suitable to employ in collecting and analyzing data with regards to your research. It is a 2 hour session.
  • Concluding Section: The concluding section is a 3 hour session and encompasses the ‘Analysis’, ‘Discussion’ through to ‘Conclusions & Recommendations’.

Full Package

This package includes all the services listed under Stage-wise Services with an additional 2 hours bonus (free of charge) for any further discussions and or clarifications with regards to your academic essay or thesis.

Proofreading of Academic Essays and Thesis

We use Microsoft Word’s track changes reviewing feature. This allows you to follow or see the changes that have been made by us, with regards to:

  • grammar, vocabulary and punctuation;
  • repetition and academic wording, tone and style
  • sentence structure and paragraph arrangement
  • consistency of formatting and referencing

In addition to the above, additional services are offered for:

  • Referencing (e.g. APA, Harvard, MLA style referencing, etc.)
  • Transcription of interview recordings (The interview should be in English language)

Additional Information

It is always possible to buy additional hours for whatever section you find the need, or to shift hours from one section to another based on your specific needs, if you buy a full package.

Study Abroad

Are you facing difficulties in applying for, or processing your application for admission and scholarship to study abroad? Talk to ClemBoat Consult. We offer services that get you enrollment and scholarship to pursue further studies at any level in universities around the globe, by:

  • Handling all the application processes in your stead.
  • Offering guidance and development of your documentation – CV, Motivation Letter, Cover Letter, etc.
  • Advising on authentication of documents
  • All other attendant issues with regard to studying abroad.